Monday, 28 September 2015

The Four Functions of the Mind

Four levels of conscience
Four-way works inside our conscience. So it has four names.
Mann(ignorant/emotional/sense mind)
Chitt(subconscious mind). 

Mann: Our thinking and contemplation arises from attachment, which touches our emotions, and showing breathtaking dream that leads us, in which there is not an understanding of good and bad, is just one attraction. It is called mann(ignorant/emotional/sense mind), this attraction is due to the desire to get away. Our senses are helpful in it.

Buddhi: When the firm decides conscience and reaches a conclusion, it is Buddhi(intellect)

Chitt: When it recalls memories from the past and that think of it and likes the most one. It is known as Chitta 

Ego: the conscience understands himself and others inferior Srwsrest then called the ego

Example: When we want to eat a Sweet, this is mann. When we decided to eat it or not, thats buddhi. When we collect information about that sweet from our memory to decide thats chitt and finally when we feel after eating that i am the only lucky one to have it and no one else. Thats Ego.
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